Випуск журналу: №6 2017р.


Ivan Hych, Eugenia Vozniuk

The Threats and Opportunities of Crisis on Ukraine’s Accession to the EU

The paper aims at analyzing not only the positive aspects of Ukraine’s accession to the European Union, but also highlights the threats and opportunities of the crisis in different areas of the state because of deficiencies that exist in this integration association. We characterize the possible challenges that will face the Ukrainian government in the further integration of the EU.

It was found a list of obstacles to Ukraine’s European integration, namely the adaptation of Ukrainian legislation to EU standards, electoral, judicial and economic reforms, the introduction of the euro, the access of Ukrainian exporters in the EU market, problems in education, the problem of borders with the Russian Federation and the annexation of Crimea, the problem of the population of our country at the level of the size of the territory and GDP, etc. Also it’s highlighted the number of not less important factors of Ukraine’sprotracted joining the European Union: the high level of corruption, “no identity” of the Ukrainian people, harmonization of foreign and defense policy and a common security policy, economic disparity, but ratherbackwardness from the “union of elite nations”, specializing mainly in the production of intermediate industrial products, etc.

Key words: threats, crisis of entry, problems, Ukraine, EU, corruption, backwardness, integration, reforms, integration association.


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