Випуск журналу: №6 2017р.


Martha Slowly Shimuleni,

Eugenia Vozniuk

 Regional Integration and Development: a Theoretical Review of the SADC Region

The article highlights the link between regional integration and the development of economically backward countries in Africa, focusing on the SADC region. It emphasizes the importance of continuous and rapid regional integration in comparison with the individualism of the South African countries, especially with regard to regional associations such as SADC, which development is closely linked. The essence of the information policy characteristic to African countries is disclosed, as well as the main bodies and Protocols regulating information security and policy of states within SADC are described. The article is aimed at highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of regional integration. The main problem is to balance it with individual development within a country or group of countries. The researchers analyzed the importance of regional integration, as well as the implications it has for the SADC region, and thus proved that SADC is better if it is a regionally integrated association, rather than when countries operate separately.

Key words: regional integration, information policy, socio-economic development, globalization, countries of Africa, SADC.

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